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16th October 2021

14:00 - 16:00 


Selection #1
SHADOWS -  Addressing memories


Selection #2

16:00 - 17:30 


Selection #3


18:00 - 20:00 


Selection #4


Selection #5


20:00 - 21:30 


Selection #6


17th OCTOBER 2021

14:00 - 16:00


Selection #7


Selection #8

16:00 - 17:30 


Selection #9


18:00 - 20:00 


Selection #10


Selection #11

HERITAGE - Remains from the past

20:00 - 21:30 


Selection #12


18th OCTOBER 2021


A talk with Karolina Bergman Engman

by Laura Bianco

19th OCTOBER 2021


A talk with Ian Gibbins

by Laura Bianco

19th OCTOBER 2021


A talk with Jesseca Ynez Simmons

by Laura Bianco

20th OCTOBER 2021


A talk with Markus Maicher

by Laura Bianco


Sunday, 24th October 2021 

SHADOWS - Addressing memories

Sometimes memories leave shadows: something that is half there and half not.



Estonia | 18'

directed by Akio Yuguchi


A self-reflective film about personal grief and feelings of guilt after the death of a sibling. The pensive filmmaker aims at visualizing the long process of coming to terms with his inner conflict. The film creates a sense of ephemerality, crystallizing the spatial and temporal moments into a visual expression.



USA | 4' 4"

directed by Heather Warren-Crow


An attempt to narrate an inscrutable bodily trauma through abstraction. The text of this video is a message that the filmmaker sent to a Canadian city police department via an online contact form. She performs this text for the voice-over while listening to her own voice at a slight delay, disrupting the fluidity of her speech and preventing her from fully owning my story.



Australia | 5' 19"

directed by Ian Gibbins

poem by Ian Gibbins


"I see them and look them away ... see stinger-ray hide in bush ... climb for a better view ... afraid of spider-snake-lizard ... we watched them watched us ... "

An after-image is the residual image you see if you look away at a blank wall or something similar having stared at a brightly lit scene. The after-image is a negative of the original in terms of light- dark and colour. It is mostly due to the photoreceptors in the retina becoming desensitised by the original scene. It fades after a few seconds as the receptors reset.

Our land, our buildings, our travels, our past... perhaps they all leave after-images, perhaps they all contain after-images of those who precede us.


Shadows In A Landscape

UK | 7' 6"

directed by Edwin Miles


A filmmaker attempts to reconnect with his hometown during a walk to the Clent Hills where he is confronted by more than just picturesque views.


Disappearing Silence

Canada | 2' 34"

directed by Sarah Seneé


The silence subtly disappeared sometime in mid-January 2019, following a traumatic event that occurred one year before. Since then, white noise, scintillating sounds, and other dysfunctional frequencies have been with me every moment of every day, like impalpable symbols of trauma, superimposed. This self-portrait, shot in Super 8 film, illustrates the sensory chaos provoked by permanent tinnitus. I have had to tame this ‘phantom pain’, like perpetually surging sound waves, to define a new state of silence.


The Long Wail Of A Passing Train

Canada | 7' 31"

directed by Anne-Marie Bouchard


An experimental animated film built around a single sound recording that evokes travel, the need to communicate, solitude, fragility, the desire for freedom, the arrival of fall, and our ephemeral existence.


In recent years, most of us have had the experience of staying indoors for long periods. Some may have found new universes, within the home walls.


Dear Tree, Please Don't Spill On Our Grave

Sweden | 19' 57"

directed by Jonne Covers


A short story about the history of humankind. In an attempt to make sense of it all, the film origins from a somewhat dry research to 'how did we get here?' and 'what is that 'here' anyway?'. Of course this lead to nothing but more questions. So here is a clunky film about adventurous Anna, who lives in a toilet, and who accidentally throws herself a surprise party.


Windows 2020

Romania | 6' 37"

directed by Maria Brudasca


A short frame-by-frame animation film that explores the possibilities offered by windows as spaces of observation, interaction, measuring time, emergency escape and other much needed activities that suffered drastic changes during the spring 2020 lockdown. The situations are based on real experiences, and the entire process of creation has been an attempt at creating one's own escape room through drawing. 


Drink Some Darkness

Canada | 10' 41"

directed by Trevor Mowchun


A sentient patch of projected light guides the viewer through a dark cosmic room and its three doors of life. Inspired by a poem of haunting revelation from the great Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer.


Benevolent, tricky or angry, so are the spirits and creatures of the invisible realm. Here are some stories of interactions with them.


Your Eyes (Principle Of Healing Attitudes)

Mexico | 19' 57"

directed by Sebastian Ortiz Wilkins


A young boy named Cristobal makes a bond with a creature in the body of a sheep who explain him the principles of healing attitudes.


Divine Melodies

Colombia | 33' 24"

directed by Lucas Silva


Pacho and Genaro are two farmers of African descent that live on the banks of the Guapi River, they are great musicians from the ´marimba’ ( balafon) tradition. One day, Pacho has to build a new instrument, for the burial rites of a little kid. The building of it turns into a mystical experience that is going to change his life forever.


Masters Of The Land

Belgium | 14'

directed by Jan Locus


The rise of mining, climate change and overgrazing have led to vast desertification in post-communist Mongolia. According to Mongolian shamanistic belief violation of nature by men provokes the anger of the ruling spirits or the ‘masters of the land’.

Texts by shamaness Kyrgys Khurak and Hungarian poet Ferenc Juhasz, who experienced the painful initiation of a shaman in 1957, cut the medium long shots. Interweaving the rich spiritual Mongol tradition with a visual portrait of the country, Masters of the Land submerges the viewer in an intoxicating finale.

(Ive Stevenheydens)

Selection #4


Attempts to relate at a distance.


Hear Me Sometimes

USA | 14' 22"

directed by Sofia Theodore-Pierce


The monarch migration and an unearthed cassette tape correspondence form a storm speaking towards motherhood, loss, expectation, care and legacy.

An elegy. An ode to uncertainty. A cry for radical optimism and a reordering of splendor. An incomplete container for obsession and wonder. A mixtape for a trip still in progress.



Canada | 2' 8"

directed by Chantal Partamian


To be queer and to linger between states, between nation-states.

A poetical essay that very briefly explores fragments of a long distance relationship, when two lovers meet, when they are caught in transit.


Blue Screen

Romania | 15' 18"

directed by Doru Vatavului


An amateur filmmaker is working on yet another ode-to-an-ex film. When the person to whom she dedicates her "video-essay" writes her after a long time, her intimate confession is infiltrated by the cold and banal reality. On the parallel thread of the real conversations, her lyrical film goes to a multitude of states: a fantasy, a diary, a dream, a nightmare and a dystopia.


Where I Don't Meet You

Canada | 4' 16"

directed by Charlotte Clermont


Shot on Super 8, "Where I Don't Meet You" is based on its own physicality by the means of a DIY hand processing technique, where the film's materiality is treated not only as a medium but also as a subject. Its narrative structure reflects a work on film deconstruction, which joins an unpredictable and experimental universe. Showing a series of figurative shots accompanied by a textual sequence, formal and psychological associations are developed between each of the images. Through a confusing poetry, a filmic atmosphere unfolds in a "non-place", which recalls a moment lost between two time-spaces.

Selection #5


Some films asking the viewer what lays behind the images they are made of.


Listen To Me Remix

Belgium | 14' 3"

directed by Stijn Demeulenaere


"Listen To Me Remix" invites you to listen. To imagine listening. And in imagining others people’s listening, to imagine your own. The film questions our perceptions of listening: how we imagine other peoples listening, how they give meaning to sound. This in turn might bring us closer to understand how we ourselves give meaning to the sounds we hear, how we imagine our own listening. How sound places us in our surroundings, and our lives.


Borders II

Argentina | 18'

directed by Victoria Maréchal


Are there places more imaginable than others?

On Google Earth, Tripoli is depicted as an emptied, abandoned and destroyed city. It is also a city that has not been photographed by the program yet. Across the sea, the small Island of Lampedusa seems so real, with its photographs of swimmers, tourists and children riding bicycles.

Tripoli and Lampedusa, face-to-face, separated by the sea : synthetic images on one side and photographs on the other one. How do these representations build our imaginary ?

From one bank to the other, the sonic landscape tells us what the images have forgotten.


Under Pixel

Spain | 10'

directed by Adrià Guardiola Rius


There is nothing visible under the pixels. Under the pixels we don't hear any narration, there is no story. There is nothing to see under the pixel?


The Blue Curtain

USA | 7' 32"

directed by Heehyun Choi


Utilizing the screen recording method, this desktop-essay film successively follows the color blue that has been used in paintings and videos under expressive or technical decisions. The color blue in this work connects artworks from different periods in art history and inquires about the truth and delusion in the act of seeing. After a short internet surfing session, there is a random yet organically constructed archive about the color blue.

Selection #6


Reflections, shadows, glares, apparitions. A group of films like pieces of dreams.


Into the Wild

Austria | 4' 16"

directed by Markus Maicher


Images, harvested on a farm in Mount Forest, Canada, captured with a hand-cranked Bolex, on film material that is made for sound only. Processed in buckets, in shimmering red light down by the old stables. A glimpse through the cracks, somebody is walking in the meadow, trees trembling in the wind, flowers, grass. A world that only film can see, a material flow emerging from the coupling of camera, celluloid, silver salts, chemicals, light particles and the hand of the filmmaker. The film was entirely processed by hand and chemically treated: overexposed images were brought back to life with bleach, other images were solarized and reversed.


Du Vivant

Canada | 9' 23"

directed by Annie St-Jean, Philippe Lauzier, Éric Normad


Pinhole music-photographic film. Stealthy illusions or ghostly fragments. A poetic investigation of the territory of a farm frozen in time.



France | 18' 16"

directed by Sierra Nicole Kinsora


A 18-minute odyssey through the hidden spaces of an urban world. A poem of moving images testifying to the steps we take out of sync, as we wander towards the end. A testimony of ghosts, machines, and gutters. A ballad for psychopomps.

Accompanied by the music of Giuseppe Ielasi, Styx was made without a script and instead followed a strict, aesthetic continuum based on certain movements and qualities of natural light. Most of the footage was captured within a 1 kilometre radius in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, during the 55 days of the first confinement in France.

Contrasting abstract and figurative images, sequences of natural phenomena and theatrical composition, Styx is a transformative visual narrative of ephemera and their passing from darkness to light.


We Are Without

Australia | 3' 09"

directed by SJ. Ramir


Our hands cannot resurrect. Set amongst the shadows of a grainy, dystopian landscape, We Are Without is a visual response to life, death and self-delusion...


Sleep Mask

Greece | 3' 10"

directed by Phryne Konti


An exploration of the infusion of memory and the paradoxical sensation of phosphenes, leaving a haunting aftertaste.


Strange Attractors

USA | 5' 16"

directed by Harvey Goldman

music by Jing Wang


Amid the ineffable uncertain void of Shiva's gamma annihilation and one grain avalanches, the frenetic and torpid whorl of gluons and muons, shudder and judder upon the soul of Democritus. Heisenberg’s bifurcations, the restless swarming of Yin and Yang are reckoned in the pirouettes of Dirac’s space and time. Strange Attractors was inspired by the study of quantum physics and subatomic particles. The “visual music” collaborations of Jing Wang
and Harvey Goldman attempt to produce a synesthesia like experience. The audience is encouraged to “see” the music and “hear” the visuals. The imagery and audio components are constructed without hierarchy, a true melding of sound and image.

DREAMS_White Point_01.JPG

White Point

UK | 4'

directed by Annette Philo

poem by Dorothy Alexander


A deer makes his appearance through a white point.

This film explores the crossover between the technical process of recording image and sound, and the expressive gestures which emerge when both are combined with the spoken word. While filming in Hermitage Castle in the Scottish Borders, the white point was set on my iPhone camera and the exposure dialled in and out, using the touch screen. The Scottish writer Dorothy Alexander gave her response to this material, in her native Scots tongue. The subsequent recording of her performance inhabits the film produced.

"Hart cut solid in licht

sliced mortared moss
and ticht-built stanes
till een stepped oot wi blades"


"Hart cut solid in light.
sliced mortared moss
and tight-built stones
till eyes stepped out with blades"


To See What I Want To See I Need More Than The Eyes

Spain | 6' 30"

directed by Arnau Padilla


A movie freely inspired by the myth of Demeter and Persephone. A rumination on time and the material nature of film. An Orphic journey through the earth on which it was shot and buried later on. Death and resurrection of a film. Celebration of the circular mystery.


Void Weaves

USA | 9' 23"

directed by Brandon Wilson


A film inspired by natural and domestic forms. It alternates between darkness and light, disappearing and reappearing as it wanders through layered space. The sounds also arrive in fractured layers: wind, footsteps, indecipherable whispering, creaking hinges, bubbling and crackling. These build together in intricate swells, retreat and build again.

Selection #7


Stretched or compressed, frozen or rediscovered, fluid and multifaceted, this is the nature of time.


The Bearers Of Memory

Lithuania | 13' 17"

directed by Miglė Križinauskaitė-Bernotienė


With every moment - one more memory. But memory sometimes goes blind and what is left becomes hazy.


Flying Waters

Hungary | 2' 25"

directed by Peter Klausz


A song to the fading of memories. Cameraless techniques on 8mm film, 35mm negative film and slides.


10 Megabytes Of Memory

Austria | 2' 4"

directed by Markus Maicher


What is the meaning of "memory" in the digital age? For humans memory consists of subjective images of past events, for computers memory refers to an objective capacity to store information. The film compresses 10 human years in 10 megabytes of binary information and employs an aesthetics of the small file format, a counter strategy against the ever increasing resolution, bitrate and cost of digital images. The file was compressed and assembled with open-source software "ffmpeg", the original Video8 tapes were left unedited.



Sweden | 5' 32"

directed by Karolina Bergman Engman


An animated short based on photographs, reflecting upon memory processing of a lost home. The house goes through a transition from present to absent, to eventually become an object of memory. Where soundscapes are repeated to a point where technological errors make an imprint, as the house becomes more distant in the movement of time.



Japan | 8' 10"

directed by Yuka Sato


What is birth? It is said that being born into this world is the beginning of suffering: dukkha.


Madame Jarrar

Canada | 4' 11"

directed by Mathieu Samaille

poem by Mathieu Samaille


A videopoem about Madame Jarrar’s inner world.

Through the power of suggestion, this video-poem unites senses and sensations, inner and external rhythms and variations in time. A dull landscape unfolds before Mrs Jarrar while the representation of masculinity poetically invades her inner world. Madame Jarrar is absent to her own self, totally imbued with her memories. Her daily routine and sensual images jostle against each other as she remembers the young body of her deceased husband, still the object of love and desire, but marked by the stigma of cancer.

Aged images, as worn out as the protagonist, explore this body, loved and cared for, gnawed by the disease : it is a place of loss, grief but also comfort. In the autumn of her life, Mrs Jarrar can still hear her mother's voice singing to her "Abneti Alsaghira", meaning "My little girl". Deeply inside, she still is this little girl in exile.


The Prophetess

Canada | 2' 20"

directed by Marco Joubert

poem by Marco Joubert, freely inspired by a poem by Francis Ponge


Drawing from the observations, experiences and thoughts gathered throughout her life, the prophetess, in a surge of hope and altruism, shares her conception of a world which should have been, could or will be: a manifesto, for a fictitious or latent generation The text is freely inspired by a Francis Ponge poem, The Law and the Prophets (1930), reinterpreted and rewritten to better anchor it to the contemporary context as well as to my own ideals.



Mexico | 12' 35"

directed by Vicente Rincón-Gallardo Ogarrio


The story follows a man searching for a lost book, by a mysterious author, that reminds him of a past love. The search takes him to start a road-trip through México (starting at the capital and ending in la sierra de Guanajuato), the same trip that the book described. In the narrative two voices interact: one describing the journey, and a second one speaking fragments of "Retorno", the enigmatic book.



Peru | 8' 5"

directed by Romina Ortega


Three distinctly different pairs of lives collide into each other during the Indy 500 race. Renowned Swedish rappers Joy M'batha & Frej Larsson star in this pulse thumper alongside American rapper, Debra Danielsen, better known as the mother of original MTV teen mom, Farrah Abraham.

Selection #8


Directly quoting the title of the first film of this section, a "techno-animist" duo. 


Without Conscious Effort: A retrospective Of Techno-Animist Machines

New Zealand | 12' 16"

directed by Emit Snake-Beings


A CCTV camera's observations into a noisy factory where coin operated divinity machines, mutant synthesisers and coin-operated shrines are being reproduced by a techno-animist cult. Randomly accessed memories narrated by an artist obsessed with morse-code, cut-up radio voices and bingo numbers drive the story of this haphazard creative ethnography.


Flying Low

Colombia | 24' 37"

directed by Elkin Calderón Guevara, Diego Piñeros García


Aa spatio-temporal journey inside of a DC3 airplane, in which different historical and dream episodes are narrated from a singular voice. These old surviving aircraft from the Second World War are still used daily throughout the Colombian flatlands and jungles, being essential to reach remote and inhospitable areas abandoned by the State.
A trip with unusual stories and aerial reflections that passes through different places, landscapes, visions and perspectives, until reaching the boarding and meeting of an unexpected passenger. The obsolete machine is witness to a physical and temporary suspension in the always imminent shadow of the accident. Nature and dilapidated aircraft confront their destiny, hybridize and combine. Suspension in time and resistance to the processes of modernization and progress are the ellipse of this story.

Selection #9


Explorations and legends of Northern lands. 


Exercises In Being Close To You: A Story For The Arctic Refuge

Canada | 15'

directed by Krista Davis


An experimental documentary that follows a group of hikers through Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The team is in search of the Porcupine Caribou herd in hopes of collecting stories that could help push back on oil exploration and drilling on the caribou’s birthing grounds. The narrator, admitting to a perverse desire to be close to everything, wants nothing more than to spoon a caribou.

As the film culminates in anticipation of the “money shot”, the audience is pushed to evaluate its expectations of nature films. Meanwhile, the expedition team is left to weigh intention with strategy when environmental filmmaking mirrors tactics of the extraction economy they are fighting against.

The film uses documentary footage of the two-week expedition intercut with experimental vignettes — exercises, to rethink our relationship to the land and animals we hope to protect.


These Sight-Altering Spells Sometimes Speak

USA | 18'

directed by Georg Koszulinski


Chapter 1: The Deluding of Gylphi
Written by Icelandic scholar and poet, Snorri Sturluson, in the 13th century, Gylfaginning tells the story of King Gylfi setting out to Asgard to encounter the All-father, Odin. Gylfi comes to learn of the events that lead to Ragnarok—when the gods will be slain and the world comes to its fiery end. This film adaptation engages both deep/geologic time and mythic time, meditating on issues of the Anthropocene, and the 6th mass extinction as it plays out against Odin's fateful prophecies.


Deepest Darkness, Flaming Sun

Canada | 9' 52"

directed by Ella Morton


A short experimental film about the Svalbard Archipelago in the Norwegian Arctic. Narrated by wilderness guide Marte Agneberg Dahl, the film features altered Super 8mm film footage of the region. Dahl speaks about her travels in the Arctic, climate change, walruses and the region’s history.


We Are Islands

Canada | 5' 21"

directed by Mike Hoolboom


Based on texts gleaned from Catherine Bush’s novel Blaze Island, this multi-layered collage offers a fleeting love story on a distant shore. The novel reimagines Shakespeare’s last testament, The Tempest, now set on a fictionalised version of Fogo Island, a windswept island off Canada’s east coast. Local photographers/artists Paddy Barry and M’Liz Keefe issue a lifetime of photographs and deep weather sightings, which create a kind of ground and schooling for the couple (Miranda and Frank), who find themselves by embracing the climate.

Selection #10


Some films exploring the structure of matter life and identity. 


Untitled (Performance)

Romania | 10'

directed by Ruxandra Mitache, Andrei Mitache


Video Art / Poetry film project, composed from a digital poem written in May 2018, juxtaposed with a 3D scan.


The black chamber                                      
is the first one,                                                                                        
after the                                                                   
white noise.                                                                                             
The chamber,                                                                                                                 silent,                                                                                                                             just fine.

I see the bridge,
the mirrored sphere,                                                                                                                  the transparent canvas,
the interactive draw.                                  
Not opaque,
the prism


The Life We Live Is Not Life Itself

Greece | 8' 45"

directed by Ian Gibbins

poem by Tasos Sagris


Tasos Sagris’s poem, with its haunting soundtrack by Whodoes, offers us an extended exploration of lives lived in parallel, at cross-purposes, in and out of love, around the world, from the innocence of children to the wisdom of elders. There are the good times when summer seems to last forever, and the bad, when persecution and misadventure could land us in prison, with nothing but rain to hear our voice. But what is the reality? What is mere illusion? Can there be more to life than simply living?

Nothing in the video is quite as it seems. In malls and side-streets, we see our fellow walkers, and then, again, again... In windows of city buildings, on derelict walls, we see the faces of the young and old, the boys and girls, the men and women of our imagination, our desires, our reconstructed memories. Perhaps we will meet again ... on another rainy afternoon... “like now, like now.”



USA | 5'

directed by Kalpana Subramanian


Tattva in Sanskrit (meaning 'thatness') refers to basic elements of nature that determine the material manifestation of all matter and organic life. This film experiments with cinematic projections, microbiology architecture and performance, to inquire into the material 'nature’ of our 'being’. A scanning electron microscope was used to capture the interior landscapes of everyday matter. Surveying quotidian textures this film explores the unseen and the imperceptible seek a dissolution of boundaries between human-nonhuman, subject-object, art-science, matter and spirit. 


Emerald Ice

USA | 15' 59"

directed by Jesseca Ynez Simmons


A cinematic journey exploring the mind of the American poet Diane Wakoski. This short experimental film brings to the screen her work--the sprawling beauty that is Diane's emotional spectrum.



Australia | 4' 21"

directed by Marie Craven, Eduardo Yagüe


Inspired by a woodcut print by M.C. Escher, Metamorphosis, imagines a man fascinated by life's multiple and varying repetitions, of shapes and spaces, movement and time.



Russia | 4' 10"

directed by Vladislav Andreev


There is someone's first and last breath, 

there is the young man with a black veil, 

there the horn sounds 

and pearls adorn necks.

Selection #11

HERITAGE - Remains from the past

Personal and historical heritage. What have previous generations left us?


Gold And Snowflakes

Sweden | 11' 40"

directed by Ronak Naderi


A subjects tale of migration. A development from childhood to adulthood. To receive something that is given and be part of something greater, or to go your own way.
What shapes us? What is our essence/DNA and what are the influences from our surroundings? What is most valuable to us? Do we need to experience loss to be able to value things and people? What is a Gift?


When The Sea Sends Forth A Forest

France | 21' 10"

directed by Guangli Liu


Through a 3D virtual universe simulated by a game engine intertwined with historical pictures, a lost moment of history can be experienced. The story revolves around the memory of a Chinese survivor of Khmer Rouge. This tragedy, which took the lives of 2 million people, continues to reshape our present in virtue of today’s narration.



Norway | 3' 40"

directed by Michel Pavlou


Lilith, the fairy, the black moon, banished wife from men and their gods whom she claimed to be equal, a wandering madonna of Aleppo and Gaza, light trickles through the folds of her veil, makes her pellucid, crystalline.


A Dog Named Sheep

Belgium | 5' 30"

directed by Giedre Narusyte Boots


An animation film with encyclopedically precise fantasies and fabeld historical facts. For 200 years, the legend of Napoleon's lost gold has been haunting Lithuania. The Grande Armée, packed with silver and gold, was unable to pass the frozen Paneriu mountain and the treasure was lost in a snowstorm. Sergeant Bourgogne describes everything in his memoirs... Or is this just a fable? Maybe the magpies can tell us more. Or an army dog.
Not me, that’s for sure…

Selection #12


Nature speaks to those who know how to listen to it.



Argentina | 29' 30"

directed by Julio Fermepin


Narciso lives amongst mountains, he is in charge of water distribution in the aboriginal community of Hornaditas. His days go by between personal stories, working the land and his vision of contemporary world and nature.


WWW {The Whale Who Wasn't}

USA | 10'

directed by Alessia Cecchet


A tale of conquest and destruction. Utilizing fragments of early educational films and animation, the piece develops a sci-fi counter-narrative of subjugation and annihilation told from a non-human perspective.



Switzerland | 5' 57"

directed by Yannick Mosimann


Borametz - half plant, half animal - hybrid of the incurably vegetable lamb, which as a four-legged plant is firmly attached to the ground and complains about nature - what does it want to tell us, outside in the drizzle, inconsolable and outraged, when it speaks one last time?



Norway | 6' 32"

directed by Simone Hooymans


In this experimental animation made of hand-made ink drawings, artist Simone Hooymans explores the transforming powers of crisis. Landscapes, cityscapes and abstract shapes are moving slowly, while growing into an avalanche threatening to destroy everything in its way. Then the destruction is a fact, but from the rubble and chaos emerges a glimpse of a new beginning: Unknown and undefined, but maybe hopeful? The film is a symbolic exploration of current global challenges, yet also an inner journey exploring how a crisis can transform you.


Tornado Lake

USA | 10' 53"

directed by Tiffany Deater


A video essay that attempts to merge the philosophical and scientific aspects of our relationship to insects and “undesirable” animals.



Germany | 8'

directed by Leyla Rodriguez


A reality check to the ancient call of the wild. The two protagonists of this epic journey feature an immediate verbal dimension - a premiere in the work of Leyla Rodriguez. Speaking softly yet clearly, they let go of chaos and lethargy and set out to attend a mystical meeting.



Colombia | 1' 57"

directed by George Mario Angel Quintero


A young man wades into the water and remembers his grandfather's voice exhorting the fish to come to him. In the end, the young man is nothing more than the play of sunlight and shadow.

Indoor territories
Connections with the invisible
Let me tell you something
Behind images
Shapes of time
Arctic stories
Such stuff we are made on
Nature and us


This experimental project, conceived by Dominic Williams and Laura Bianco, wants to create connections between poets and filmmakers who participate in the festival.

We asked some poets to write something (prose or poem) in response to some of the films that are part of the selection. Poets are free to approach this task as they wish (watching the entire film with audio, without audio, focusing on a particular sequence or on some single frames...), in short, there are no precise rules. We leave room for experimentation.

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