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Victoria Maréchal

Victoria Maréchal

Victoria Maréchal (1988, Switzerland) lives and works in Argentina.
She studied film at Universidad del Cine and did several art residences such as the Di Tella Film Program, the residence of the Argentina's Moving Image Biennial, etc. Most of her artistic production is circumscribed between the film and the video installation. Several of her projects experiment the techniques of found footage to raise questions regarding migration, translation and representation.
In 2019 she received the Creation Grant of the National Fund of Arts, won the “First Sample” contest of Panal 361 where she made her first solo exhibition “The stories are (re) invented” under the curatorship of Mariela Yeregui and was invited to exhibit at different festivals and galleries.
And she was invited by the Antofacine Festival (Chile) to make a short film about the city of Antofagasta and the political situation in Chile since October 2019.

Her work has been exhibited at Centre Pompidou film library (France), RIDM (Canada), Jeonju IFF (South Korea), Salón Nacional de las Artes (Argentina), FIDBA (Argentina), DocValaparaíso (Chile), Antofacine (Chile), MUTA (Perú), Proceso de Error (Chile), Play (Argentina), Panal 361 (Argentina), Video Cairo Festival (Egypt), Cine de Artistas (Argentina), Spielact (Switzerland), Universidad Di Tella (Argentina), Instants vidéos numériques et poétiques (France), Arc et Espace dAM (Switzerland), FASE.08 (Argentine), Matienzo (Argentine), Festival Underground de Cine (Argentine), La Verdi (Argentine), Cinemateca Distrital de Bogotá ( Colombia), Cinemateca del Caribe and Museo de Arte Moderno de Barranquilla (Colombia), FLACSO Queering paradigms (Ecuador).

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