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Welcome to Tranås!

The little town between Jönköping and Linköping.
Here is a small guide on how to get to our lovely little town, some tips on accommodations close to the heart of
the fringe.
Tranås has a 1 km shopping street, a proximity to nature and Lake Sommen, Sweden's only archipelago with its 365 islands.
Tranås offers a wide range of leisure activities on both land and water. When you get hungry, there are a variety of options to choose from. Restaurants, Pizzerias and Oriental Cuisine.
How to get here
By train
Tranås is located along the southern main road and has good rail connections both South & North.

From the North, commuter trains run from Stockholm, Norrköping and Linköping via Mjölby to Tranås.

From South and West, commuter trains run from Göteborg, Malmö, Jönköping and Nässjö to Tranås.

By car

Tranås is located along RV 32, between Eksjö and Mjölby.

E4: from the North exit Mjölby S, RV 32

E4: from the South exit at Gränna, road 133.

By plane

International flights best to Linköping

- Linköping, KLM. Airport bus to Linköping Travel Center. Commuter train from Linköping to Tranås.

- Stockholm (Arlanda) SJ train from Arlanda to Linköping. Commuter train from Linköping to Tranås.

- Stockholm (Skavsta) Swebus from Skavsta to Linköping. Commuter train from Linköping to Tranås.

- Göteborg (Landvetter) Swebus from Landvetter to Jönköping. Commuter train from Jönköping to Tranås.

- Copenhagen (Kastrup) SJ train from Kastrup to Nässjö. Commuter train from Nässjö to Tranås.

Kids in a tent
Image by Randy Tarampi
Yellow Subway Train
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