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Chantal Partamian

Chantal Partamian

My work consists of experimental short films, film scratching as well as documentaries. It revolves around the themes of justice, migration, gender identity and conflict.

It includes the award-winning documentary Dear N., shot during the Israeli war on Lebanon in 2006. Tekrar, a short film in super 8mm and PAL format exploring the repetitive trap of war. Epistemic Space, in collaboration with the Armenian-Turkish film platform of the Yerevan International Film Festival Golden Apricot, which explores the realities of a group of Armenians in Turkey during and beyond the riots in Gezi Park and, Houbout, a poetic essay which very briefly explores fragments of a long distance relationship, when two lovers meet, in transit.

Currently in the process of pre-production of a documentary that deals with the notion of space, memory and their plastic material conditions.

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