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Scenkonst: The myth of self isolation

Painted Greek Island

Sylar Robert Ssempijja





*The myth of self isolation*
Keeping distance or social distancing is a privilege not everyone can afford. So can we steal it?

Robert Ssempijja is a diverse emerging Ugandan contemporary dance artist and dance researcher who is having a career both through formal and informal dance setting experiences. He has been with his art on three different continents together with different companies, projects and choreographers despite the fact that he is as Young as 25 years.
In his art, he use a combination of Ugandan traditional dance, breakdance and techniques of contemporary dance to get those interesting creations of art, Ssempiijais someone who works in the era of post colonialism and decolonization, and the travel between the worlds is in order to find a way to build a sustainable scene For contemporary dance in Uganda.

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