Scenkonst: Rhian Elizabeth and Eleanor Shaw not in conversation

Painted Greek Island

Rhian Elizabeth, Eleanor Shaw





A collage of voice and image presenting a performative expression of the artists state of mind. A film made by Bill Taylor Beales.

Rhian Elizabeth was born in the Rhondda Valley and now lives in Cardiff. She is the author of the novel Six Pounds Eight Ounces and the poetry collection the last polar bear on earth.

Eleanor Shaw is a storyteller & founder/Artistic director at People Speak Up; A social, arts, health and well-being organisation based in south West Wales.That creates a space for people and communities to find and tell their stories.

Oct 16 - Oct 24, 2021
Tranås - Sweden

at the Fringe-festivalen 9-18 oktober 2020 arrangeras av Kultivera med hjälp av Kulturens, Tranås kommun, Litteraturcentrum KVU, SPEGEL, WriteForWords,
Svenska Akademien, Kultrurrådet. Region Jönköping, EFG, PlanB, Red Door, La libélula Vaga, Badhotellet, Populär Poesi, Magnus Grehn Förlag