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Filmmaking Master class: Georg Koszulinski

Painted Greek Island

Georg Koszulinski





online masterclass
Archeo-Salvage Filmmaking

by Georg Koszulinski

Archeo-Salvage Filmmaking
This masterclass could just as well be considered a 'disasterclass', as it considers the necessity of media making in times of crises, not limited to global pandemics, droughts, wildfires, rising sea levels, dangerously high greenhouse gas levels, and the ongoing mass extinction event that threatens all life on Planet Earth. Artmaking in the Anthropocene will be increasingly difficult but increasingly vital, and this session will prepare filmmakers of any experience level to make meaningful work with the resources at hand.

Participants will be invited to consider the ways in which poetry, music, microfiction, sound, and early photographic processes can all be combined to create radical cinemas of limited means. Participants will also be introduced to the vast digital archives available from anywhere in the world, and how these audio-visual materials can be repurposed in found footage and collage filmmaking practices.

If you wish to join the masterclass as a participant please follow this link to a zoom meeting

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