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Film Talk: Ian Gibbins

Painted Greek Island

Ian Gibbins





A talk with filmmaker Ian Gibbins, director of "Dog Daze"

Dog Daze
Australia | 4' 3"
directed by Ian Gibbins
poem by Ian Gibbins

"as cool as marrowbone jelly, I'm on to you... I can track the droplets of fear, bare-boned on your long and solitary road... too late now to call for your doctor... I have all the time in the world..." Inspired by David Bowie's "Diamond Dogs”

Ian Gibbins is a widely-published poet, video artist and electronic musician living in Adelaide, South Australia. His videos have been shown around the world in diverse festivals, galleries, installations, and public art programs. In his former life, Ian was an internationally recognised neuroscientist and Professor of Anatomy. For more information, visit

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