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Film Talk: Georg Koszulinski

Painted Greek Island

Georg Koszulinski





A talk with the filmmaker Georg Koszulinski, director of "New Mexico Deathwish Diatribe"
To participate in the Q&A session follow this link to the Zoom platform

New Mexico Deathwish Diatribe
USA | 11' 55"
directed by Georg Koszulinski

Three narrators converge in the deserts of New Mexico, each with a separate story to tell. One narrator is J. Robert Oppenheimer, another is a visitor from outer space, and the other is me.

Georg has been making films and videos since 1999. His recent work engages issues of the Anthropocene and merges his interests in science, poetry, and radical forms of non-fiction filmmaking. His award-winning works have been presented at hundreds of film festivals around the world. His feature documentaries, White Ravens: A Legacy of Resistance, and America is Waiting are available through Docurama. Fandor distributes his Florida Trilogy (2007-14) and his experimental film essay series, Frontier Journals #1-8 (2013-15). His work has also appeared on the Documentary Channel, Docurama, GuideDoc, Streampix/Xfinity, and the Journal of Short Film.

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