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Film Talk: Aylin Gökmen

Painted Greek Island

Aylin Gökmen





A Film talk with Aylin Gökmen, director of "Tale Of The High Twinkler"

Tale Of The High Twinkler
Belgium | 8' 48"
directed by Aylin Gökmen

This tale explores the tumultuous relationship that sailors and monks have had with “Hoge Blekker", the highest sand dune in Belgium, over the course of several centuries.

Aylin Gökmen is a Swiss-Turkish filmmaker who earned a B.A. in philosophy and modern French from the University of Lausanne and an M.A. in documentary filmmaking from the DOC NOMADS Erasmus Mundus program. Combining a documentary and literary approach, her works revolve around themes of memory, imagination and landscape. In 2020, she co-founded A Vol d’Oiseau, a production company dedicated to the development of various Swiss and international projects.

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