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Fikapoesi: Ron Riddell

Painted Greek Island

Ron Riddell





Add a poetic soundscape to your morning, open a new browser window and listen to some international spoken word as you get on with your daily activities
Fika = Coffee, cake, company, conversation.

A sometime painter, musician and the author of several plays and novels, he has published a little molehill of poetry books, and the molehill is still growing under his bed. Recent books are: Dance of Blue Dragonflies (poetry) and Pachamama & the Jaguar Man (novel). Previous work has been translated into ten languages. His long poem The Wanderer was launched in New Zealand in 2020 by HeadworX Publishers of Wellington. Married to Saray Torres from Colombia, he has two sons Roland and Pablo, and three granddaughters Tuvia, Felicia and Ella, who all live in Sweden. His latest collection of short poems is Exilstationer/Stations of Exile, a bi-lingual English-Swedish edition, was published in May 2020 by Simon Editor, Jonkoping, Sweden.

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