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The 10th Tranås at the Fringe Festival

It's that time of year - to get ready for the Fringe! With one application you are able to apply for all the festivals listed here, as we are part of the Nordic Fringe Network - NFN!

All acts will register with Eventotron, in order to submit your application for NFN and all the subsequent Nordic Fringe Festivals mentioned.


We look forward to find out more about your work! 


8th of JAN 2023 @ 23:59 in YOUR timezone! 


Welcome to the Nordics and beyond!

  1. Finfringe (FIN) 10-13 May 2023

  2. Tranås At The Fringe (SWE) 1-8 July 2023

  3. Reykjavík Fringe (ICE) 26 June - 2 July 2023

  4. Stockholm Fringe Festival (SWE) 29 August - 3 Sept 2023

  5. Oslo Fringe (NOR) 30 August - 3 Sept 2023

  6. Bergen Fringe (NOR) TBA in January 2023

  7. Gothenburg Fringe (SWE) 1-10 Sept 2023

Jan 8th

Vad är Fringe?

​​Tranås at the Fringe är en mångkulturell konstfestival i den lilla staden Tranås, en charmig plats vid kanten av sjön Sommen, omgiven av småländska skogar. Under åtta dagar träffas konstnärer från Sverige och andra länder från olika discipliner inom litteratur, film och scenkonst och arrangerar ett hundratal evenemang.​

What is the Fringe?

Tranås at the Fringe is a multidisciplinary arts festival in the small town of Tranås (Sweden), a charming place on the edge of lake Sommen, surrounded by the woodlands of Småland. For eight days, artists from Sweden and other countries from different disciplines in literature, film, and performing arts meet and put on about 100 events.

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