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Mycelium at the Fringe fest

Mycelium is an art festival of contemporary art from the Kherson, Ukraine. The festival was created by a group of young artists in 2020. It's a live platform where ideas meet each other and becomes reality.

Mycelium is the root system of mushrooms; it resembles thin filaments (connections). They create fertile soil that supports life of the entire forest. Since we in Kherson live not far away from the forest, we had often rested there, drawing the forces of nature for inspiration and ideas. We wanted to show this analogy. That we are the soil on which our city and our future are based.


- Each of us has their own goals, and combining efforts allows us to achieve these goals faster.

- Together we expand the worldview of each individual.

- Together we are stronger and more stable, as a creative force.

- Together we create the information space and influence it.

We have held the festivals in 2020, 2021 in Ukraine. In 2022 a war came to our home. We had to leave our city temporarily. Now, most of the artists that have participated in the festival live in Sweden. This time, the group of young artists from Ukraine united to create a new project within the framework of the Swedish festival "Tranås at the Fringe". So this year, the Ukrainian festival has transformed into 'MYCELIUM at the FRINGE FEST'

The festival program consists of an art fair, exhibition, street art, music program, performances etc.

We invite all our good friends and new acquaintances to that event, created to remind each other and ourselves of the unruly and healing nature of art. We will be glad to see you and experience it together.



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