Morgonpoesi: Dave Urwin

Painted Greek Island

Dave Urwin





Add a poetic soundscape to the start of your day, open a new browser window and listen to some international spoken word as you get on with your morning routine.

Dave Urwin’s first collection, Towards Humanity, was published in 2015. His second, Plain Song from the Backstreets of Silence, was to be launched in April 2020, but postponed owing to the lockdown. It is available to purchase, however, from him. He is co-organiser of, and MC for, The Cellar Bards spoken word event in Cardigan, west Wales. He loves live performance of poetry. Lots of Dave's poetry can be seen on

Oct 16 - Oct 24, 2021
Tranås - Sweden

at the Fringe-festivalen 9-18 oktober 2020 arrangeras av Kultivera med hjälp av Kulturens, Tranås kommun, Litteraturcentrum KVU, SPEGEL, WriteForWords,
Svenska Akademien, Kultrurrådet. Region Jönköping, EFG, PlanB, Red Door, La libélula Vaga, Badhotellet, Populär Poesi, Magnus Grehn Förlag