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Passion for Words: George Mario Angel Quintero "Från Colombia till Tranås"

Painted Greek Island

George Mario Angel Quintero




Flavour your lunch break with literary voices. Pause the clatter of the daily grind to listen to one of the writers from an international cohort of festival artists describe what excites them and drives them in their creative practice.

Poet and transdisciplinary artist George Mario Angel Quintero retraces some of the roots of his own English language writing. Touching upon affinities on both sides of the Atlantic, and going back as far as the late thirteen-hundreds, these references shed light on some of Angel's linguistic, musical, and syntactic preocupations, as he comments on and reads from his own production in English.

George Mario Angel Quintero is a multitalented, bilingual poet, author, playwright, theatre director, artist, and musician who was born in San Francisco, California to Colombian parents. He has published two books of fiction in English under the name George Angel: The Fifth Season (FCII, 1996) for which he received the Nilon Award from Fiction Collective 2 and Globo and Design for a Tablecloth (Will Hall, 1996). Since 1995, George has lived in Medellin, Colombia, where he has published six collections of poetry and three books of plays in Spanish under the name Mario Angel Quintero.

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