Festivalprogrammet för Tranås at the fringe 2022

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How to Be a Cyborg

The first year of the pandemic, 2020, the choreographer stopped dancing and creating performances. Isolated from friends, family and fellow artists. In order to continue with creative processes started experimenting with compositions of images and collages and posted them online. A daily journal to stay sane turned into an artistic practice, an outlet of thoughts and longings.
For a writer isolation is a significant part of its creation process. So it could be said that the writer was somehow in a more comfortable zone during the pandemic. While the writer was following the daily journal of the choreographer, she decided to propose a collaboration and started to write from his images and collages with the underlying subject of cyborgism - a theme that both are interested in terms of artistic research.

By Fuji Hoffmann & Inês Lampreia


Haiku i konst

Svenska haikusällskapet har gjort en haiga-antologi. Vi har en utställning av verken, som skapats av den rumänske haiga-konstnären Ion Codrescu som illustrerat antologin. 


Vernissage & Boksläpp

Fredag 8 juli kl 15:00-16:00

Uppläsning av medverkande haikupoeter. Möjlighet att köpa originalverken (poeterna själva har förköpsrätt).

Av Svenska Haikusällskapet

Piratenhuset | Storgatan 48
Mån 4 - Fre 8 juli
Kl 13:00 - 17:00 


Kl 11:00 - 15:00


Astronaut / 2x2m


Astronaut/2x2m is an intermedia video art installation around the theme of pandemic and its impact on people's daily lives, emotions, and mental health.

Astronaut/2x2m is a 2x2 white square was used as frame for performative and textual expression. It represents a personal space and a safety measure. Represent everything we as emotional beings are experiencing during the pandemic and isolation.

By Fuji Hoffman & Milica Denkovic


The Fragments


Broken hearts, showcase, cities and villages, broken families.
We pick up the pieces, we run away from our home, we take this pieces with us.

Pieces of our past, pieces of our present.
Our backpacks are full of broken pieces.

This exhibition is only fragments of our creativity, eclectic fragments, just like us - only fragments of ourselves: when we were happy, when we were carefree, and whole.

By Nikita & Serj, Costya, Maria & Sergej

The Fringe belongs to those who believes
in the beauty of their dreams.