​​Fuji Hoffmann

I´m a choreographer and director educated as a dancer. I am fascinated by the poetry and science of our existence, and I enjoy reading anything I can find on the subjects of astronomy, sci fi and space-fantasy. Also a board game enthusiast. ​

I educated myself in Uppsala and Stockholm in acting . In 2011 I moved to Copenhagen where I continued my bachelor in Contemporary dance with a Erasmus exchange in Helsinki. I was a intern with  with Lotte Sigh in Copenhagen and BADco in Zagreb. Two very different artists who I learned a lot from and is still inspiers me

 Up to these days my works have been shown in Turku, Tallinn, Malmö, Tampere, Copenhagen, Kristiansand and Uppsala. I have assisted productions that have been shown in Sao Paolo. 
I´m also the movement teacher for acting students of Wiks Folkhögskola in Uppsala Sweden

​ The thing I love the most is to be in creative collaborations. Blessed to be in several!
AvantGürd is a personal honest straight from the hearth dance-theater art group. Moot Point, a continuous project in development with focus on utopia and the body using the expressions of sci-fi and futuristism. In Between is  a performative work with highlights on ethics, life and grim comedy."

27 juni - 4 juli 2020
Tranås - Sweden