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Annie St-Jean, Philippe Lauzier, Éric Normand

Annie St-Jean, Philippe Lauzier, Éric Normand

Annie St-Jean is a photographer and videographer working only with film and advocating pinhole camera. In the same rebellious spirit as "Arte Povera" or "low-tech", she takes pictures with the simplest means. She makes her pinhole cameras according to the current project with whatever comes her way. She then designs animations from these photos. Nature and humans are recurring themes in her practice. For this short film, she explored a fixed territory delimited by a cow fence while being inspired by the sounds created for the project by the musicians Philippe Lauzier, Éric Normand and Jean-François Laporte.

Philippe Lauzier (1977) is a musician improviser, composer and an interdisciplinary artist. After studies in composition from 1998 to 2002, he dedicates much of his time to the art of improvisation on the saxophone, and later, the bass clarinet who becomes his instrument of predilection. He takes place in several tours and residencies in Canada, Europe, USA, Mexico, Australia and China, where he performs solo or with groups and collectives such as Sainct Laurens, Motel Helene, Quartetski, Not the Music, Ensemble SuperMusique among others.

Éric Normand is an improviser, bassist, composer, singer, lyricist and producer of records and concerts. He invents a personal and radical language. By equipping his bass with electronic gear of his own making, he forces himself to reinvent instrumental gestures.
He lives in a remote region, in Rimouski, and is artistic director of Tour de Bras, an organization dedicated to improvisational music. For the past ten years, he has also directed the large orchestra of improvisers, the GGRIL.

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