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Måndag/Monday 1 Juli

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Morning Ripples & Coffee

Storgatan 17 | Kultivera


Enjoy your breakfast with Swedish poetry in motion. Read all about it here:

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Workshopen i nutida dans - Maja Fock

Storgatan 49 | Studio


ENG: This contemporary dance workshop with COMPASS artist in residence Maja Fock will mainly consist of improvisation. We will focus on how you as a dancer or mover can develop your own movement pattern using various tools in improvisation. How can you find new ways to move? How can the environment help you get out of your comfort zone? All experience is welcome! 

SVE: Workshopen i nutida dans med Maja Fock kommer att bestå av improvisation. Vi kommer att fokusera på hur du som dansare kan utveckla ditt eget rörelsemönster med hjälp av olika verktyg inom improvisation. Hur kan du hitta nya sätt att röra dig? Hur kan omgivningen hjälpa dig att ta dig ur din comfort zone? All erfarenhet är välkommen!

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BodyVoice morning classes - workshop

Storgatan 49 | Utgår från studio


Start your festival day with a journey through body, voice and mind!  Welcome to the BodyVoice morning classes led by musician/performing artist Netanel Seri and dance artist Stina Nilsson. In the morning classes we explore how we can relate to each other and the space, creating rhythms, flow and tempo based on each person's skills and experience level.  Through breathing, interacting and listening, we explore the possibilities of movement and voice for communication and creativity. Finding stimulus for the body and the mind with a smile.  No former experience required!

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Friendship: A Love Story

Ängarydsgatan 10 | Teater JARMO


This solo performance piece is the autobiographical story of a traumatized young woman forming connection and trust with a best friend whose love permanently changed her life before he died from AIDS in the 1990s. It uses the Welsh concept of Cynefin, the person with whom you most trust with who you are in the world. Their handwritten letters to each other over many years are used to illustrate this piece about the endurance of love, When Brett comes into the main character’s life, as college students, Jo-Anne is introduced to the notion of opening up, of bravery. Of taking risks. Brett coaxes Jo-Anne out of her shell. She wears Brett’s own clothes for years, still shielding herself under someone else’s existence. Brett and Jo-Anne love each other and he is there to help Jo-Anne transform. Until he is gone. This theater piece is about the bravery to come out sexually, personally, intellectually, and ethically. To take up space. To take the stage. And to face impending death. A crucial scene is when Brett tells Jo-Anne he is HIV-positive in a time within the AIDS crisis that spells certain death. Twenty years after Brett’s death, the main character goes to clean out his belongings from the family garage finds her own letters to Brett which he had saved. Her revelation follows. The audience can expect to be moved by the sadness and trauma in this story while revisiting meaning in their own key friendships.

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Litterär stadsvandring - Magnus Grehn

Storgatan 22 | Utgår från Biblioteket


Med början vid Tranås Bibliotek tar den allkunnige bibliotekarien Magnus Grehn deltagarna i litteraturresidenset och allmänheten på en stadsvandring över Tranås litterära marker.

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