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Stay at Home Edition

Contemporary Art  2020

Welcome to the opening of the ‘Punk Letters Project’ Exhibition.
This is a short punk art film made by Milica Denkovic featuring the work of the four members of the FYD collective (Milica, Irena Frantal, Martin Holm, Dominic Williams).

Today the website
goes live and you may visit the virtual exhibition at any time … enjoy browsing in the gallery.

As a project facilitated Kultivera and Jönköping Folk Archive, artistic responses were made to an archive of letters exchanged between punks in the 1980s.

Milica Denkovic, Irena Frantal, Martin Holm, Dominic Williams


Scenkonst: A Virtual Vernissage


The FYD Collective and friends invite you to an immersive multidisciplinary experience

Dominic Williams, Irena Frantal, Martin Holm, Milica Denkovic


Scenkonst: FYD collective collaborative event


Martin Irena and Dominic talk about the interaction of their different art forms through the medium of a punk letters archive.

Martin Holm Irena Frantal Dominic Williams


Art Talk: Martin Holm, Irena Frantal and Dominic Williams interviewed by Matilda Karlsson


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